Achieving a Calm Birth in the Modern Age

Calm childbirth in the modern age is a beautiful experience.

Whether this is your first pregnancy or not,  experiencing a calm birth has huge benefits for mother and baby.

Giving birth is one of the most life-changing experiences we go through, and as the due date draws near it’s normal to have thoughts such as how will the birth be? Will I be able to give birth naturally? Will I be able to manage the pain? Combined with sleepless nights, thoughts such as these can leave us feeling exhausted and stressed, sapping the energy we need to conserve for the birth.

calm childbirth

Yet if we can approach giving birth feeling positive, rested, calm, and in control, our bodies will produce all the natural chemicals we need for labour. Our bodies are designed to do this and when we prepare our minds to allow it, we are less likely to need interventions. However, if interventions are required, we make an informed decision about them rather than panicking.

Hypno birth

Hypnotherapy is a very effective and natural way to prepare the mind for birth.

What is involved?

Hypno birth involves four sessions during which you learn:

  • The importance of positivity and how your body produces chemicals in response to a positive mindset.
  • About the physiology & neurology of pain.
  • About the brain and how to keep anxiety low.
  • Self-hypnosis to practice at home, and ways in which your birth partner can support you.

You will also practice self-hypnosis in each of your four sessions, so you feel confident about how to use it during birth and receive two downloads for use at home.

The whole process is relaxing, and empowering. It is specifically designed to help you have a positive birthing experience, so you feel calm and ready to welcome your precious child into the world.

calm childbirth

If you have any questions or would like to book in, please get in touch.

Below you will find evidence on the benefits of hypnosis for birth:

Reduction in length of labour

Studies showed a reduction from 9.3 hours to 6.4 hours for first-time mums and from 6.2 hours to 5.3 hours for second-time mums.

Less reported pain

Mothers gave an average of 6 on a self-scoring model of 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

Reduction in medical intervention and use of forceps.

Studies reported an 84-99% rate of spontaneous, non-surgical deliveries.

Reduction in Cesarean rate

Studies reported Cesarean rates of between 5-8% compared with the national average of 24%.

Reduced need for pharmacological anesthesia/analgesia

Studies reported a 55-79% rate of non-medicated births.

Benefits to Baby

Research has shown that babies pick up on the hormones released by mum and absorbs them as a blueprint for life.

The more relaxed mum is, the greater influence this has on the baby.

The calmer mum is during birth, baby will receive greater levels of oxygenation and lowered levels of stress hormones.

Babies born in a calm way, tend to stay calm, quiet, and alert following birth.

Bonding has started during pregnancy and then continues in a calm, natural way after birth.

calm childbirth