Weight loss management through hypnotherapy

Four Week hypnotherapy for  weight loss management online group Classes.

Just one hour a week for 4 weeks!

The class format begins with a discussion on brain function, particularly how it can compel us to eat even when we’ve resolved to quit junk food, chocolate, wine, etc. This is followed by a visualization exercise where we imagine the changes we want to make in the upcoming week. The second half of the session is dedicated to relaxation and enjoying a guided trance.

Participants will also receive a downloadable guided relaxation track to use at home between sessions.

The atmosphere of these classes is relaxed, informal, and enjoyable.

It’s important to note that this is not a class where hypnotherapy is performed on you to stop eating certain foods. While that approach can be effective, it often only lasts for a short period. Instead, this class focuses on long-term changes in our general mindset and specifically our relationship with food, addressing issues like comfort and stress eating.

Hypnotherapy combines Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, where the latter enhances the benefits of Psychotherapy by enabling the subconscious mind to make positive changes.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a joint effort, and it’s crucial to recognize that change occurs because of your desire for it.