Weight loss

Weight Loss – A Mindset Approach – A 3-session course

Whatever triggers your bad eating habits, you really can change the way you think about food, but still enjoy it.   No more battling with temptation!  acquire a relaxed attitude to food..  

Sessions 1 and 2 will be spaced at least two weeks apart, to allow your brain time to process and for you to put what you learn into practiceSession 3 is a few months later and is designed to revise and keep you motivated.

More about the course:

  • I use a Power Point presentation and give handouts in each session. The presentation is interactive, relaxed and informative.  We have some fun!
  • You will be provided with a relaxation download to keep, or a link to a soundtrack to download.
  • A few simple self-awareness exercises will be provided to keep you focused and make you aware of how your mindset is changing.
  • There will be no weigh-ins or asking you to account for your eating.
  • I will equip you with knowledge about your brain, ways of thinking and strategies to empower you.
  • This is about mindset. It is NOT about food and calories.
  • Workshops are open to men, women and teenagers (with parental consent if under 18).

Please note:  If you are very stressed or anxious, I  strongly recommend a couple of private hypnotherapy sessions with me, in order to maximize the benefits of the course.  Please phone me to discuss.  

I do not advise you to attend this course if you have a history of a diagnosed eating disorder (e.g. Anorexia) or any medical condition for which weight loss would be inadvisable.  If in doubt, check with your GP.

Reality check:  This is not a magic wand!  You need to take some responsibility for the choices you make.  However, people who really engage with the process report that their cravings reduce significantly and they become much more able to make wise choices so they feel in calm control and much happier as a result. 


The course is available to individuals who want to join a group, or people who would prefer to get their own group together. 

Do you have family, friends or work colleagues who might wish to take part?  If you would like to come along with your own private group of family or friends, I can arrange a course at a time and venue that suits you.  If you introduce your own group,  the cost depends on the number of people attending. 

One-to-one courses are always available for people who do not want to be in a group for whatever reason or if there are other issues to be addressed.


What to do now:


If you would like to form your own group, please phone me to discuss or email me, including your phone number.

Or, if you would like to join a group please contact me for more details of next group running.