Feeling tired?

Feeling tired exhausted or fatigued is something that happens to all of us at some point, but what if it continues and you find yourself dragging yourself out of bed no matter how much sleep you have had, you just cant seem to shake this constant mental and physical exhaustion?

I recently had an experience of this, I had been burning the candle at both ends so to speak and wasn’t getting enough sleep and convinced myself that this was the cause of my lack of motivation to just get on with things however I did notice that on my days off I still couldn’t  shake it even though I was well rested physically.

I had a short holiday planned and was surprised to find that once I arrived in my lovely sunny destination all exhaustion disappeared, I had not had any extra sleep in fact probably less due to the long flight but I was full of energy and anticipation as my focus had changed.

This got me thinking about how we can get so caught up in our problems that we fail to see the solutions, we convince ourselves that the reason we feel the way we do  is due to our circumstances and surroundings and it takes a change in perspective and focus to realize that we are all in control of how motivated or energized we feel in any given moment by changing how we think about it.

So something to try next time you find yourself blaming your current circumstances for how you feel is to change your focus and draw your attention away from your surroundings think back on a time when you were really excited or filled with joy,  focus on it, close your eyes and re experience that time, notice how you smile to yourself you might even start to smile on the outside too! Small changes lead to big ones, we are only able to change from moment to moment so how would you like your next moment to be?