I contacted Victoria for help as I was feeling anxious and frustrated with my low moods and tearful outbursts. As soon as i sat down with Victoria at our initial meeting I felt at ease, and found opening up and talking about my worries was much easier than I had imagined it would be. I knew I was in safe hands. the confidence Victoria had that my problems were fixable and what I was experiencing was quite normal gave me enormous relief. With each session I gained more confidence and learnt coping mechanisms that I can take forward with me into the future. I am very glad I made that call to Victoria, after 6 sessions I am in a much better place and feeling much more positive.

Thanks Debbie


I have been visiting Victoria @ Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to deal with Anxiety and Depression which I have suffered on and off for quite a few years. It has changed my life completely! I can honestly say I thought it would have been another type of boring therapy session. I have had those previously and they were a short term solution to a long term problem. Not wanting to go down the medication route again I was willing to try anything.
On meeting Victoria I found her very calm, relaxing and sympathetic. She explained the sessions and what was I likely to expect in the long term. In all honesty she exceeded my expectations from the very start. My concentration and motivation started to improve slowly almost immediately and after months of sleeping 2-4 hours per night I was averaging 6 which in turn improved my moods and temperament. This was vitally important to me as I am a single mum and found myself constantly annoyed with little things.
As the sessions progressed I felt myself focusing more on turning negatives into positives and have found myself feeling more content and happy with myself and my life than I have ever done. My self-confidence is back and I can honestly say my sessions have been life changing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone!


Anxiety / Depression

I have been seeing Victoria for the last couple of months now for anxiety/depression. I have been really pleased with the results so far! It has helped me stay calm, relax, be positive and sleep much better. My self-esteem has improved too and I have even lost weight!
Victoria is lovely, very down to earth and puts you at ease straight away. She has taught me so much about myself this last few months. Learning about our thought-patterns and the power of positivity is truly fascinating. As a result I have gradually been able to reduce my dependency on medication thanks to Victoria and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

Stress / Insomnia

I have been a receiving hypnotherapy for a couple of months now to help with stress and insomnia. For me, these issues have been something I have had to deal with for many years in varying degrees, After the first few sessions I realized I was seeing changes – lasting changes, and to be honest, I have been amazed at the results. Victoria is a brilliant hypnotherapist, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly to anyone wanting to create lasting positive change in their life.